Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Smart Way to Reach Your Customers

Debt crunch has thrown up a shift in customer behaviour in terms of prospecting, marketing and communication. In this churning markets, new channels in digital communication, (social networking) and other web 2.0 initivtaives are reshaping the business landscape.

New modes of interaction has revolutionized the way companies reach out to potential customers. Online medium has become the main rung for corporates to reach tech savvy customers. In this senario, how are making sure that your marketing strategies are hitting the right notes with your customer expectations.

The three tips presentend here gives you the direction to ehance your digital footprint.

Get the right website ( look and feel)

In today's tech buzz, it's not just enough to have a website, but what is required is the right look and feel that is attuned to your customers preference. The first impression you convey and the subsequent interfaces you provide speaks on the how long visitor will stay in your website. The design, content, naviagation and user elements all gives out the right look and feel. More important is to keep your site updated with new information for a repeat visitor. Such collective action will spell more leads and deals from your website.

Enhance website visibility in search engines

Today's customer, goes to search engines to research and find information before taking a purchase decision. Search engine is fast becoming the arena where all brands fight to come supreme in search ranking. Higher search visiblity will give you more exposure in terms of visitors counts and high number of enquiries. To achieve this, you'll have to optimize your site to pull ahead of your competitions. This requires regular tweaking and optimizing the content. If you don't have sufficient expertize in this area, its better to hire a trained professional to take care of search enigne optimzation.

Use targeted email campaigns ( Permission mailing )

Email marketing is increasingly used by B2B companies for business prospecting. Email compaigns, e-newsletters to subscribers are used regularly to solicit offers, marketing messages, and information. Research reports show that such cognizant activity hepls business to get quality leads, and expand the brand name. Another benefit of email campaigns is the quality trafffic it generates to the website. With a fine tuned landing page, email campaign can chrun out further business enquiers and increase revenue at low marketing cost.

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