Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How B2B Email Append works

B2B Email Appending service is the most affordable way to obtain missing email address of your customers. For technology user's, B2B append process is done by matching your records with third party B2B database.

Email appending can increase the value of your B2B business database by adding permission email address to your business database.

Benefits of B2B append

    · Leverage email communication to market cost-effectively

    · Reduce your marketing costs by a third

    · Expand your brand presence through targeted email communication

    · Instantly increase quality website traffic

B2B business append solution can enhance the value of your database by over 60%. It's your chance to rekindle the lost communication with effective email communication.

The Value of a Business Email Address

Take advantage of the cost effective email channel to drive immediate response to your products or services.

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