Monday, April 13, 2009

How email marketing work for software providers?

Return of investment from e-mail marketing is $ 45.65 for every dollar spend. This is twice the ROI from any other marketing channel. This shows that targeted e-mail campaigns can increase sales, and drive quality visitors to your websites.

Targeted marketing campaigns to small and mid-sized enterprises can help help you find new markets for your products/services.

Targeted b2b mailing enable software marketers to:

  • Scale down your marketing cost
  • Send Online campaigns within minimum run time
  • Enhance campaign results with multi-channel marketing
  • Target most profitable market segments
  • Send latest product updates
  • Persuade many customers with latest offers and discounts
  • Acquire new clients without more ad spending

Generate leads from direct mailing list

Keep in touch with your partner channels by framing effective e-mails. Maximize personalization with one-to-one email communications. Targeted B2B marketing emails drive fast, improve sales efficiency and partner channel communications .

Uncover hidden prospects from niche mailing list

Oracle user list provides comprehensive coverage of prospects from Oracle domain. Through our core data, we can develop customized prospect list that can reach you to new markets.

With Oracle User Data, you can:

  • Instantly build target mailing list
  • Communicate with relevant prospects
  • Build business brand and loyalty
  • Survey customers to get market feedback
  • Support sales team to close more deals
  • Increase brand value through e-newsletters
  • Drive more visitors to your site

Apart from direct marketing list, we provide support for email campaign and tracking. Through multiple-facility we can build and capture lead generation in real-time.

Oracle user list - Technical support Center timings

8:00 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern by phone

8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Eastern by email

In addition, our support team can provide 24x7 access through extensive online help. For more details on our data, market-research, and quote, please provide your details in the online-sign up form.

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