Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First post

In my long experience in marketing, I feel this current recession has fueled positive impact on digital marketing. From the list of marketing revelations, the foremost changes are seen in digital marketing. I've noticed the eager interest shown by business and marketers in diffrent forms of online customer engagement.This shift in marketing has shaken the pedestal of traditional offline marketing.

Changes are very evident. The value of customer-specific data for online prospecting is fast becoming the most sought after seed for acquiring new customers.

Of all the multiple digital channels available, email marketing is still in # 1 position to send qualified traffic to web site. List owners, resellers, brokers who make a business of acquiring lists for technology marketers are horning their market strengths with highly segmented marketing lists.

I'm dealing with niche oracle ERP user list markets, segmented by different attributes. List available can be queried by any or all of these attributes.

Early on, let me tell you that I'm focused on the select ORACLE ERP markets. In this blog, I'm sure to add all the relevant marketing techniques that can mark your offering to the right markets.

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