Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get more eyeballs with the right subject line?

Which words will pique your reader's mind to open the emails? Will curiosity, promises, fear of failure, tips, tactics, success, or information in your subject line open the sluice gates of your customers mind. With the growing number of emails, a typical user decides to open the email based on the words used in the subject line of your email.

35 percent of email users open messages because of what's contained in the subject line. - Jupiter Research (2007)

E-mail subject lines: 6 points to watch

Browse through your in-box, you'll see all sorts of alluring words in the subject line. Some give largess promises, some stem our curiosity factor, some thrive to ignite fear of loss, some are just bold statements hitting no where. In a world where worlds can make a difference, it's better to use the most compelling words in your subject line to pique your reader.

Search creative subject lines in the Internet, chances are you'll hit upon thousands of column of advice on what's hot and what isn't. So, here's my quick 6-point checklist.

These are few of the most successful subject lines used in the first half of 2009

  • Top 10 Reasons

  • Top Five Priorities

  • Top Four Concerns

  • Top Six Issues

  • Best Eight Tools and Tricks

  • Three Need-to-Know Tactics

Seven in 10 US Internet users said they judged these "from" and "subject" lines when deciding whether to report an email as spam. -

Final note:

A typical decision maker in technology business is burgeoned with the mass of digital solicitation. In this crowded digital in-box, your best chance of being notice is through unique, attractive email subject line. Take time to frame the all important subject line. If you don't have the resources, you better ask for a trained copywriter to craft the right words for you.

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