Thursday, May 23, 2013

IT Executive Online Training Program Mailing List

How are IT training companies using our data?

  • Reach executives for executive training programs
  • Connect with people interested in software training
  • Gain publicity for online training courses 
  • Promote trade shows or conferences ( Attendees List)
We have recently updated the data in our Executive Training program marketing list with more contacts, fresh email list, phone numbers and in some cases social media profile information. Our data is segmented by various groups - title wise, location wise, industry, and other customer segments.

The new data updates are sourced from Govt records, channel partners, and from our data vendors. You can use this data to promote conferences, send newsletters, send invitation for online courses and so on.

What are the popular lists?
  1. Executive List from IT companies ( software, hardware )
  2. Data from specific region ( Americas, Europe, Australia)
  3. Title specific data ( C-Level, Developers, Technical Experts, IT profs)
What ways you can use Information Technology Users List for Training? 

  • Send personalized email campaigns for training programs
  • Tele calling prospects interested in online training
  • Use social media profile information to connect through social channels
What you Gain from buying executive data from us?
  1. Increase attendees for webinars or enrollment for courses
  2. Brand the courses through multiple marketing channels (email, phone, social media)
  3. Reduce your budgets by 50%, while gaining more revenue

Want to know more....

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Empower B2B Marketing With Content?

Most B2B marketers I know are fervently searching for the right strategy to use content for marketing and lead generation. The buzz about content marketing is so high, that most marketers are using every bit of content to make them heard. But, this kind of approach is over killing this channel.

So, in this short post, we'll delve more on content marketing strategies for B2B business.

B2B Content Thought Leadership Ideas:

Most prospect are on a research mode, studying about the product or solution offered. In this senario, it's fair enough for them to get attracted with 'Thought Leadership Content'.

As a B2B marketer how you arrive at the right plan to get it started: The points noted below will give a rough idea on how the type of content to use for lead generation.

  1. Pick the latest trends happening on your turf or study benchmarks reports and come with your analysis
  2. Find what's new in your business arena and learn how it matters
  3. Use real examples from your industry
  4. Write problem guides, check list for prospects to understand the problem
  5. Use help guide or comparitative charts

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Lessons to B2B Marketers - Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends–North America from Content Marketing Institute

Takeaways from the :

  1. The marketing spend by B2B marketers on content marketing has gone to 26% to 33%
  2. Highest increase in content marketing is seen in Mobile, videos, and research report segments
  3. The most popular social media channels for B2B marketers are LinkedIn, and Twitter 
  4. The challenge of B2B marketers is about producing engaging content, and not generic content

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Buy Oracle Technology Users List

Oracle User List Segments
Oracle User List, specialized list provider in Technology markets has a wide range of selects from any industry, domain and from technology markets. For the last 7 years, we have supplied niche list of IT mailing list to technology marketers, and software marketers. 

Technology Mailing List
Each data provided by contains relevant files like: Name, title, email id, business tele #, fax #, and other firmographic details

Industries we cover:
  1. Healthcare Industry
  2. IT Services
  3. Consulting Industry
  4. Finance/Banking Industry
  5. Pharmaceutical Industry
  6. Manufacturing Industry

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are Your Delivering K-Cup experiences - Example from Neolane

Via: Neolane_
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 In-bound Marketing Stategies to Generate More B2B Leads

I recently had a 3 day training at a start-up IT company on how to build their brand, generate more visitors to their website and increase leads. In this three day interactive presentation, I covered all the digital marketing strategies, and social media tactics. Apart from showcasing the latest online marketing strategies, I showed the missing link in their current lead generation model.

The CEO of this startup, told me that “I had opened a complete line of thinking that will really bring a sea change to their marketing and sales model!” I felt great which I were able to share some real examples and showed how the growth potential from low cost digital marketing model

I'm sure they will implement some of the ideas and concepts presented to their business we presented would serve his firm well for years. So for record, I'm sharing key points shared during the three day in-bound marketing:

  1. Start a Business Blog and create social media profiles 
  2. Breaking down the profiles of good customer ( Persona Creation)
  3. Less reliance on Cold Calling
  4. Create Email Pitches for different Customer Persona
  5. Develop a customer life cycle 
  6. Find the Pain and Cost from Customer's point of view
  7. Uncover Customer's need and buying criteria 

I'm giving away a free in-bound marketing tool kit for companies to evaluate their marketing standpoint. If you require, this FREE excel sheet, then sign-up with your contact details.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top Selling Information Technology B2B Data - North American Markets

I recently scanned the purchase orders from the beginning of 2013. After analyzing the orders, I made a note of all the IT list sold by us. Going by the  repeat orders from Information Technology marketers, I'm pretty sure that these list are in demand. 

Top Selling IT List - 2013 First Quarter

  • Sage Users List
  • Salesforce Users list ( email list)
  • USA Citrix Users Lists
  • as/400 Vendors
  • Dell Customer List
  • Apache webserver users list
  • delteck Customer List
  • Dynamics CRM Users list
  • EMC User List
  • AS 400 Customers List
  • Adobe Users List
  • Microsoft Dynamcis Users List
  • Oracle Customer List
  • Navicat User List
  • JD Edwards Users List
  • List of Computer Resellers
  • Ingres Canada 
  • IT Decision Makers List ( UK)
  • SAP Users List

If you require, the count or list quality proof or list sample, then give submit your criteria. 
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