Thursday, April 30, 2009

First mover advantage - Are you ready!

The mailing list from Oracle user List delivers high-propensity-to-buy prospects suitable for technology/software marketing. We regularly filter this permission list with most recent contact information( business eMail ID , fax, phone and web address).

Oracle User list includes complete profile information of top influences, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and other senior level business decision makers involved with software/ application enterprise biz. Moreover, this list includes demographic and firmographic details of each user.

Tailor your marketing campaign to reach specific audience. You can filter the list to narrow down on specific user group. Maximize your ROI, choose only the leads that match your target market criteria.

Our targeted mailing list provides you the 'first-mover advantage', which enables you to maximize influence early in the buy cycle.

Get Organized Now!

Capture & Convert Prospects to Customers with our opt-in prospect list. Speak to the right target audience about new products and services, and stay on 'top of your prospects mind' until they are ready to act!

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