Monday, May 6, 2013

Website Optimization Quotient

How optimized is your website? Is it capturing the leads or is it a leaky funnel?

Going by the recent study by MarketingSherpa, more than half of the respondents could not or did not calculate ROI from website. This shows how website lead generation is still been ignored by marketers for various reasons.

So, going by the growth potential and ROI from digital channels, it's important to spend some time optimizing your website for lead generation.

Here're the top 12 ways to optimize your website:

  1. Start with a Keyword Research
  2. Use Anchor Text Phrase
  3. Create Backlinks
  4. Find how Competitor Website is getting Traffic
  5. Use Google Analytics and other Tracking Tools
  6. Create and place Apt Calls to Action
  7. Improve the Look and Feel of your website
  8. Optimize Sign-up forms
  9. Create Autoresponse systems 
  10. Utilize Social Media to channel Traffic
  11. Establish Credibility 
  12. Use Testimonials 

For more information on website optimization, ask for website optimization whitepaper.

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