Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Point Email Marketing Game Plan

What's your email marketing game plan for 2010. Well laid customer relationship plan should harness customer-centric policies right from the initial contact and foster towards a continue relationship with the customer. Here're the three main points that help you to earn customer's trust and value.

1. Refine Customer Segmentation Policies
Customer segmentation allows for your to send more targeted e-mail messages. Following four tips on segmentation will help you to segment effectively:

Segment based on business information, not just demographic information.
Create sub-set of customer profiles. Small segments can be used to send specific campaigns
Create varying messaging to different audience

2. Improve transactional messaging
Make the best use of transactional e-mails with relevant cross-sell opportunities. Reinforce your brand through transactional message and offer the customer something relevant to their expectations. Recommend other services that are likely to be used by the customer. This ties the customer with more business opportunities from the customers.

3. Strengthen welcome messaging
Make the best impression from your welcome e-mails. Capture the initial expectation with most relevant and relevant content.
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