Monday, August 17, 2009

How to explore customer data?

In the frenzy to add more customers, many marketers lack real insight into what customers need!

Details about your customers is there right under your nose. Every marketer sits under a huge pile of customer data – but miss the big picture.

Information about your customers, their markets, purchase patterns, demographics patterns, firmographic details, online behavior, etc can be merged to create a blueprint of your customer. Such a detailed knowledge can help you to draw an effective marketing strategy, as well as develop up-sell and cross-sell strategies.

Uncover Customer Groups – ERP markets

How to start exploring your in-house customer data?

  • Where are customer groups located?

  • which industries do they belong ( SIC code)?

  • What kind of software solution are they looking?

  • What is the current budget?

  • How many are employed in the company?

  • Who is the decision maker?

  • When was the last purchase?

  • What are the upgrades required?

  • What is the preferred mode of communication?

know your best customers?
This list gives a brief outline of how you can go beyond the maze of your customers data. Other metrics like recency, frequency, and monetary value ( RFM) analysis of your customers purchase can help you locate the most potential customer from the big lot!

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