Monday, August 17, 2009

cluster analysis

Cluster analysis can be used to evaluate large consumer groups and break it down into smaller segments, "similar traits". This process makes it easier for you to pinpoint marketing strategies to specific homogeneous group.

Through cluster analysis of your software markets, you can unearth sub-markets within your database. This makes it easier for you to chart out creative marketing for dynamic groups with in your larger database.

Moreover, the sub market's response patters are also tracked on the basis of multiple variables. Greater the number of variables found through cluster analysis, the more precise you can target your digital promotion.

Choose the right methodology to track your customers

While some of the exploratory data analysis will be complicated, there are many you can try out on a smaller scale. Before you step forwards to unravel the common patters in your data, it's turn to choose the most suitable analytics for your biz.

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