Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Effective pre-show promotional tactics

Software marketers participate in b2b Trade shows to exhibit their software application/ new addons or to show new releases. The intention is to acquire new clients and interact with existing customer base. With the economy in doldrums, the pressure mounts on marketers to show more booth visitors and increase lead counts.

The objective of participation in technology oriented trade shows are:

  • Generate More leads

  • Acquire New Customers

  • Expand brand name

  • Acquire higher ROI from marketing

Keeping this in mind, marketers start early to drive more customer interest in the business circles. Reason is simple, company spend close to over $ 50,000 for generating over 100+ leads over 3 day. Translated, in dollar terms its an hefty marketing cost to acquire a single leads.

So, how can you justify this cost or make the best ROI from trade shows

Here's 4 quick pre-show buzz tactics:

Send pre-show email campaigns – Use email database of your customers to send invitations to your trade shows. These invitations should contain HIGH VALUE CONTENT packed with possible benefits

PERSONALIZE your message – Include relevant touch points and show that it's going to be worthwhile for the customers to attend the trade show.

Promote offers to booth visitors – Lure more visitors to your booth with valuable freebies. It can include discount offer, free trial offers, coupons, free consultation etc.

Include testimonials – Email communication should contain value points in the form of reprints or links to any press coverage related with the trade show.

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