Thursday, September 8, 2011

Technology Lead Generation List

In business, information is power. This clichéd statement is even more relevant in today’s fast paced world of digital connectivity. With Social connectivity on the rise, sales folks tap this channel to dig relevant information about their prospects.

Before you start using customer information, it’s worth checking the reliability of the data. Find if it’s relevant, effective and valid. Look for incomplete or incorrect entries, formatting errors or junk entries. Double-check if the depend is reliable for your marketing.

5 questions to ask about on your data
  • Is there enough information you can depend?
  • Are your sources reliable?
  • How was the data collected?
  • How important & useful are the different pieces of data?
  • Have you segmented it on the basis of use?
Once you’ve probed these questions, it’s time to find interesting pointers in your data that relates to the problem of users. You can use spread sheets or data tools to find, filter and extract the interesting bits of data from the pile.

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