Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rethinking IT lead Generation

Oracle User list specializes in providing niche IT lead generation. We specialize in appointment setting for information technology companies, software/hardware companies, traininig firms, and computer consultants. We're thoroughbreds in providing niche data for B2B lead generation, and business-to-business marketing.

Nurture Technology Leads
Our technology leads are sourced from years of research, and from authorized list vendors. Our master database of over 22 B2B leads contains on the largest technology leads in the market.. The very fact they are from the technology markets, indicate that they are properly qualified for prospecting to IT decision makers and Technology influencers.

Our data help you to penetrate to new markets and engage with key decision makersabout your products/services.
  • Acquire contact information of technology decision makers
  • Promote your products/services through verified data
  • Deliver real-time, detailed intelligence on your key prospects
Outbound IT Lead Generation
Apart form targeted B2B leads, you leverage on our large telemarketing team to qualify the leads. Our full-service lead generation team also has the expertise, capability to nurture the leads for better conversion.

Our cost-effective marketing services gives the opportunity to do more with less. For more information on specific technology users from ERP, CRM or based from geographical location, contact us.

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