Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Niche Sells

What Makes Data from Oracle User list different:

We validate data 
Unlike other vendors, we don't just hand over the data. We validate data before handing it to you. We use phone validation and email validation to ensure that all records are valid, deliverable and useful to your business.

We believe in providing niche details
Through our long experience in marketing, we are able to source in-depth business data for every record. This insightful data gives you the capabilty to run relevant or personlized marketing campaigns to your customers or prospects

We power it with multi-channel data 
Instead of focusing on one channel, we give you the option to connect with customers and prospects throught multiple channels. Apart from the coverntional channels, we are now adding up social media profile names to users in social networking sites.

All these data support given by Oracle User List powers your marketing communication with niche data that enable you to drive ROI with minimum investment.

To request sample data from Oracle User List, we request you to fill your requirement in this online form.
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