Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amplify your IT Marketing data?

Before you set to uncover the data issues residing in your data file  it's imperative to answer few questions. Answer to these questions gives you the blue print toward providing the solution.
  1. What's your data quality goals?
  2. What does high quality data look like?
  3. What process did you follow to reach here?
  4. Why is optimal objective of data quality goal?
  5. What are the normal issues to reach these goals?
  6. What are you going to do to achieve the Data Quality goals?
  7. What are the top data churn confronting your business?
Step One: Identify the Problem

Most biz know the issues with data, such as duplicate, invalid, junk or untrustworthy data. But they are not aware of the quantum of issue residing in their system. 

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