Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Technology Marketing - beyond 2011

Zoom in your IT prospects
Every software marketing company should have a comprehensive email marketing strategy, right? If you're not taking care of your customers or reaching new prospects through email channel, then you are behind the times or missing out on huge opportunities.

At least you should try adding more prospect data from external agencies to increase the size of email contacts. But how to get valid data for your busienss? How to judge which data is right for your business?

Technology Email Marketing

The Technology Email Database from Oracle User List assembles more than 150,000 email addresses of CIO's and decision makers in the technology segment. Our data is complied from leading technology marketers, conferences, and verified by telemarketing reps.

Our niche segment of ERP and CRM markets enable you to develop unprecedented targeting on key prospects. We also ability to deliver hard-to-find selects on core technologies like Oracle, JD Edwards and Peoplesoft users.

It's Jan 2011, right time to start afresh on ecommerce biz. Raise your marketing to reach the most potential prospects around your markets. Get a no-obligation data on potential prospects.
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