Friday, August 6, 2010

Landing Page Rehab: Tips to improve conversion fine tuning

Gain Higher Conversion with Simple Landing Pages Tweaks
How to improve landing page conversion by making few mods to it. Here's the 14 step process to help you rehap the ailing landing page.
  • Provide one main solution 
  • Conduct A/B Testing
  • Fine tune aspects on Ad Message Match
  • Context of Use
  • Videos Increase Conversion
  • Eliminate unneeded Elements
  • Edit mercilessly - Reduce all vague words
  • Have you reduced all distractions? 
  • Give links for Social Sharing
  • Include icons or images of Trust & Social Proof
  • Follow this golden rule One Page - One Purpose
  • Use typography and color to lead the eye
  • Reduce all visual distractions
Landing Page Pointers: How to think from the user's point of view 
  1. “Is this the right thing I want ?”
  2. “Does it suit my purpose?”
  3. “Why should I click this button?”
  4. “Can I trust this source?”
  5. "Are they capable of delivering"
Conclusion: The Case of the Missing Leads from Landing Pages

Tweaking your landing page just takes few minutes of your time. Spend some time to improve your landing pages and you'll be glad about the growth in conversion rates.

If you’re truly serious about maximizing your results from landing pages, but don't know how to start, then there is help. Our landing page experts can tweak and make few changes to your landing pages to give sure results from conversion. Contact me for a quick call back or quote.

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