Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Add details to make your message relevant?

How does relevant customer data make your message personal?

  1. If you're using direct marketing, Zip codes are a big help!
  2. Zip codes can help you localize your marketing
  3. Email address of your prospects can be used for email broadcasting
  4. Demographics values of your clients can be used to craft relevant email messages
  5. Mobile numbers can help you send text message to decision makers
  6. Most decision makers use smart phones and your message can propel action.
  7. Twitter, Facebook, myspace profiles of your prospects can help you understand & build conversation

Technology buyers are not instant buyers nor they sign the deal with one contact. You require constant connection through multiple touch-points to get the final nod from technology decision makers.

Marketing to tech buyers should focus on all possible channels and through strategic alignment of messages. Consistent follow-up through all mediums (email, phone, social network, direct mailers) will make your voice audible above the marketing cacophony.

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