Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to Create More Sales Opportunities

Whether creating awareness, generating sales, or building customer loyalty, it's important to have the list of potential customers/prospects.

Are you searching for businesses to market to?

Our business-to-business direct mailing lists can ring-in higher customer conversion, increase sales, and improve your marketing ROI. We understand your business, your best customers, your local markets, your global reach to figure out the most suitable prospects.

Our business-to-business data hold more than 9 million contact of small, mid sized business and executive information of individuals holding key titles. Our business mailing lists are updated every 40 days. Before every delivery, we tele-verify the contact to improve list delivery.

 Our business data file can be filtered by the following selects:

• Business name
• Key Contact/ additional contact
• Job Title
• Gender of Key Executives
• Business Address
• ZIP Code (ZIP + 4)
• Telephone Number
• Annual Sales Volume
• Number of Employees
• SIC Code
• Carrier Route Code
• Fax Number
• Credit Rating Code
• Franchise & Brand
• Year started
• Headquarters
• Branch Information
• Geo Codes (Longitude and Latitude)
• And Many, Many More!

We also give you the opportunity to customize the list. The list can be tailored to match your requirement. You can

★ Select by geography
★ Select by type of business
★ Select by size of business and more.

Are you interested in marketing to a specific subset, title , or geographic area from this list?
Request a count for your segment by providing us your biz criteria. We'll respond promptly with the count that matches your exact criteria.

Sign-up here.

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