Friday, November 20, 2009

Know Your Customer - Profile Best Customer


In today’s economy, meeting sales goals is a challenge even for smooth talking marketers. Current markets has shrunk customer pools, and buyers are deferring buying decisions,. This has reduced the number of active buyers in b2b markets.

In this scenario, marketers have a tough call on their cards. To beat the odds, market savvy marketers are now using focused marketing through niche Oracle user segments and detailed profile information.

Customer profiling is the best tool for online marketers. It can be used to identify customer traits, preferences and then gain accurate insights about your customer. Such customer info, enables you to focus your marketing on key customer pocket and get better revenue from direct marketing.

There are many profiling models available in the markets. Choose the best fit customer profiling tool that match with your business or customer.

What does customer profiling mean to you?

Marketing without a rough sketch of your customer profile is looking for a black cat in a dark room. Though it may not exactly fit the bill, figuratively it would mean like a wild goose chase.

Profiling identifies prospects most suitable to purchase your products/services. This information dawn from the study of existing customers enables you to focus the scare marketing resources on key business segments(demographic, firmographic, geographical), or a mix of all these.

Customer profiling can:

Reduce Marketing Cost:

Customer profile enables you to focus marketing programs on the most potent possibilities, thereby reducing the marketing investment.

Save marketing Time:
Instead of taking a wild shot, a blueprint of best customer can save time from rummaging through unworthy marketing strategies. You can limit campaigns on select biz, Industry, title and use the most preferred marketing channel.

Enhance Revenue:

Focused marketing through preferred sales channels can enhance revenue by driving more leads.

Competitive Intelligence:

Accurate customer profile under your sleeve can help you sail through the market swells. Successful customer profiling can give you an edge in locating more customers than your competitors.

How Can Oracle User list help you in Customer profiling

With our expertise, we can create customer profiles to compare and analyze their purchase life cycle, purchase behaviors and communication media habits. Such wealth from the existing customer file can be used to optimize marketing strategies and increase sales.

Benefits from b2b data profiling

  • Identify new markets and similar clusters
  • Provide real-time, geo-centric customer services
  • Analyze customer demand to optimize marketing strategies
  • Target your marketing to convert prospects to customers
  • Increase your direct marketing efficiency and ROI

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