Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to turn raw data into qualitative information

Can you rely on your data to make business decisions?

Raw customer information coming into corporate repository forms the basic element of connectivity for marketers. However, most companies lack in-house data process to fine-tune the data into actionable marketing insight.

How data becomes opportunity?

Companies succeed by turning raw data into actionable information through data analytics. By turning basic level information into silos of customer profiles helps marketers to increase revenue, customers and margins

Customer segmentation

Filtering customer records on the basis of active and least active customers help you to understand:

  • New trends between purchasing behavior and lifetime value
  • How to leverage personalized communication with decision makers
Oracle user list combines the power of both (proprietary software / manual process) to transform raw data into useful information & meaningful customer insights. Our in-depth data analysis provide superior analytical platform to unearth key contact information of Oracle executives and influencers in Oracle technology solutions.

Right information at the right time can transform your marketing into a lead generating sales funnel.

Avoid information confusion. We help to maintain a secure and single-source-of-truth information. Our database data cleansing options enable our clients to make smart decision with less cost and more bring more ROI from database marketing.

Do you agree with the short-life span of each customer record? Send us your comments using the form below:

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