Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to create an effective Marketing Message

One of the propelling piece in Marketing Syntax is about creating effective marketing message. Right message to prospects with the right offer can ignite positive responses for your brand.

The mostly, technology businesses fail to capture the intend of the audience due to the following:

1. The message is directed to all; not communicated individually

2. The message fails to break into user's preoccupied thoughts

3. The message talk only about the product/services, not solutions.

4. The message is not powerful to trigger instant response

5. The message is fussy not specific in nature

Every message passing from your organization must hook the user with relevant punch.

Now let's know how you can solve these issues:

Generic messages, not directed to single person:

Start your message targeting on specific demographic or psychograpic element of your prospect. Such references will bring in more response from your user community.

Messages beats around the bush

Hit the nail in the head; means talk about a problem, challenge, issue, pain, or predicament of your recipient. Say: “We work with executives who are trying to reach their financial targets.” Users facing similar issues can instantly sync with your message.

Self talk and not about solutions

Users are inundated with messages that are just talking only about them. This deluge of buy,buy mails are usually ignored by users. Your best chance to make a mark is by translating your product features to simple benefits to users. This manifestation will instantly catch the eye of the reader and bring in more readability to your messages. And, now it has value

Don't brag too much about your product

This happens frequently in sales messages. Writer gets carried away, and the sales picth becomes a collage of all good things about the product. Such long passages are hardly read by an online user.

Try to change the way of writing by focusing on core problems, or solutions. Write on one point and carry it over it around for effective messaging.

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